“The Father’s Day Book Section.

It’s come to my attention that America doesn’t read anymore. I know I certainly fall within that category. For that reason, I’m expanding the book recommendations of the past few Father’s Days to a beefier list with longer explanations why I recommend them. My hope is you don’t get Dad a tie, or another golf app for his iPhone. Get him a book. Let’s get some reading done. Here goes:


And a few notes about baseball books. I’m a big fan of those too. I really liked The Last Boy: Mickey Mantle and the End of America’s Childhood, by Jane Leavy (HarperCollins) … and not because of the unending string of events where Mantle acted like a bum. It’s because Leavy explained why. The crushing expectations of his father, the free-alcohol and love lifestyle of the New York star, and the lifetime of pain caused by the severe knee injury he suffered before he ever got great. Because orthopedics weren’t advanced 60 years ago, the horrific knee injury tormented him for the rest of his career — yet he still won three MVPs and was the most feared American-Leaguer of his day once Ted Williams retired. Leavy bashes Mantle enough. She also understands him.”

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