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Catching up with Dave Zirin, Sports editor of The Nation:

Leavy’s study of the man who hit 714 career home runs in Major League Baseball (including 60 in one year, the latter a record unbroken until long after his death) playing for three teams — the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees and Boston Braves — is not just about baseball, but also a psychological portrait: what shaped The Babe and what made him tick in a world that couldn’t get enough of him (he thrived on it) and sucked him dry. It is an exhaustive visit inside the head of Mr. Ruth and a snapshot of his life brilliantly described.

“The Brilliant Bambino” in the Winning Free Press

New book about Babe Ruth takes reader back in time

I wished I could have seen the Babe play.
Thanks to a wonderful new biography I just finished reading, I feel as if I have. Jane Leavy’s “Big Fella: Babe Ruth and the World He Created” is a time machine that allows the reader to experience this colossus

Scott Pitoniak, Rochester Business Journal