There are a number of people bound to inspire biographies as long as the trees hold out. Abe Lincoln and Muhammad Ali are among that number. Jane Leavy has demonstrated that Babe Ruth belongs on the list, too. Her take? That Ruth, who played during the first flowering of mass media, became the first modern sports star, complete with endorsement deals and an agent.

Bill Littlefield, Boston Globe

Bestseller Leavy, who has chronicled the lives of baseball legends Sandy Koufax and Mickey Mantle, turns her attention to Yankee legend Babe Ruth in this energetic, colorful biography. She evenhandedly hits the highs of his career as well as the lows of his hard drinking and failed relationships.

Publishers Weekly

“Sparkling, exemplary sports biography, shedding new light on a storied figure in baseball history.”


The best-selling sportswriter behind biographies of legends Sandy Koufax and Mickey Mantle turns her attention to the larger-than-life Ruth—specifically the three-week barnstorming tour he took with Yankee teammate Lou Gehrig at the height of his success.


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